The Haven
My Favorite Luxury Hotel in Thailand

The Haven Hotel

Thailand has always been a go-to destination. Those who want to do some soul-searching, who need to take a breather, who need to take some time off to decompress and sort out their thoughts, or those who simply want to experience peace and serenity, go to this country. It also gives respite to those who are weary and want to go on a spiritual journey. Hotel illustration Buddhism is the country’s major religion and is studded with intricate and ornate temples as well as numerous ancient ruins. Tourists are attracted to this country steadily that’s blessed with a warm tropical climate, lush and verdant forests and mountains, emerald waters, and clean beaches.

It is boasting places that can offer the perfect mix of quiet communities and modern cityscapes. It may sound impossible to find a place that can have complex opposites of calmness and chaos, but Pattaya has managed to blend these facets with ease, grace, and elegance. A word of warning, avoid the timeshare schemes found in the area. Timeshares sound like a great idea, but you'll find yourself looking to get out of your timeshare soon after you've signed! Haven re-creation Just say no to timeshare properties. On the one hand, a stretch of turquoise blue seas with a pristine beach, lush vegetation, and simplistic living and, on the other hand, a busy and very much alive and thriving metropolis.

The Beautiful Eastern Coast

Located on Thailand’s eastern coast, the Pattaya beaches have been a magnet for both local and foreign tourists. This place is known for having marvelous beaches and friendly fishing villages. In the 1960s, as the popularity of Pattaya rose, more and more structures started to spring up. Nowadays, you can easily find suitable lodging facilities such as resort hotels and high-rise condos in the area. Haven photo Pattaya is one of the places with a vibrant foreign community and has steadily been welcoming newcomers who arrive for a short visit or are here for the long haul.

Together with the influx of tourists came the demand for shopping malls and bars as well as recreational activities such as golf. Truly, golf has become so popular a sport in Thailand that golfing holiday packages are being offered. The presence of world-class designer golf courses in Pattaya, coupled with the incredibly amazing weather in Thailand, makes it definitely a golfer’s dream destination and playground. Some of the golf courses in Pattaya feature the great views of the Pattaya Bay. One of the best places to spend this holiday is The Haven Hotel and Restaurant. This hotel holds a golf tournament 3 times a week, which cater from novice to professional players. The graphic Everyone is encouraged to take part in competitive festivities. If you choose to join other tournaments, the hotel can also accommodate organizing your itinerary for you. They will make sure that you will be at your desired tournament on schedule.

Ah, The Beach

Just a 10-minute walk away from the famous Pattaya Beach, The Haven Hotel and Restaurant is a favorite among tourists. The convenience of being located in Chonburi is that the center is just 1.1 km away. This means that entertainment facilities like bars and restaurants are easily within reach – but far away enough that the noise that comes with these entertainment activities will not be bothersome if you desire to have a peaceful, restful, and relaxing night.

The recreation

The hotel’s location is advantageous as you get to have a view of the bustling city and the soothing beach right from your windows. You are close to major tourist attractions and shopping centers. The area is conducive to cycling, and motorists are very amiable. There are rental services available all around Pattaya, which is applicable for both cars and bikes alike. So, it’s your choice of what mode of transportation you will choose in order to explore Pattaya and all its wonderful and exciting places.