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Laos Beer

The first time I came across Laos Beer I was quite surprised as it is very rare to find this beer in the United States. You can however easily get beer brewed right here at home in the United States from foreign distributors. There are many microbreweries that make a variety of beers that are made in the United States. In fact you can get some imported beers that are quite delicious. Many microbreweries also have home brew competitions held on a regular basis. Beerlao is simply the brand name of a series of beers made in the Lao Brewery Company in Vientiane, Laos. It is considered to be one of the best tasting beers available in the world. It is made with real hops and is dark colored. The best flavors of this beer are described as banana and mango with accents of raspberry and clove. There are other microbreweries in the area that produce some delicious beers. In fact there are several microbreweries located in the heart of the city. These microbreweries bring great fresh beers to the residents of the city. The city is a vibrant beer market that features a variety of brands, including Beerlao, Sukothai, Tham Ting, La Trinit de Phu, and Anh Dat. All these brands are distributed to various bars and restaurants in the city. You can drink beerlao anytime during the day and any time of the year. This makes beerlao a perfect drink for all occasions. It is available everywhere in the city, but still is not widely available outside of the beer market. The local beer market is a great place to shop for your favorite brands. If you are visiting Vientiane, you should stop by at one of the many retail shops in the area to browse through the various brands of beer. A major reason why Vietnam thinks Laos beer is great is because of the high alcohol content in it. Many Vietnamese people do not like to drink alcohol. They are more used to lagers, white wine and other light alcohol content beverages. That is one of the reasons why the beer they produce is not as popular as the other foreign beers in Vietnam. Many of the foreign beers taste better because of the higher alcohol content. Hanoi Beer Festival is one of the most popular festivals that showcases the beer culture in Vietnam. Every year Hanoi's best beer artists and brew masters come to the Trangfall area of the city to show their wares. During this festival, tourists and locals get the opportunity to taste the very best beers from all over the world. There are many factors that affect the popularity of Vietnam beer. The first and foremost factor is that beer has an incredible taste that is difficult to be matched by any other drink. It is easy to become intoxicated by just a sip of beer. In addition to its amazing taste, beer is widely available. If you are visiting Vietnam, make sure you try to drink beer and experience its amazing flavor. Another reason why beer is so popular in Vietnam is because it has a low alcohol content. Unlike other kinds of alcoholic drinks, you can easily keep your head cool when you drink a lot of beer. The best part about Vietnam's craft beer is that it has such a low alcohol content. Many craft beers in Vietnam are around 2% alcohol content, which is far lower than even the lowest quality wine or brandy. That is why many people prefer to drink beer instead of any other kind of alcoholic drink.